What we do

Supporting our Community Members

We support our community by hosting commemorative events and acknowledging members of the community who are doing commendable works that support our organizations ideals, such as citizenship and patriotism.

Among those recognized are (1) Boy Scouts, (2) secondary school oration, essay, and history students, (3) ROTC/JROTC cadets, (4) school teachers, (5) police, fire and other emergency responders.

Commemorative Events

We help the community celebrate many patriotic events including Memorial Day, Independence Day, Yorktown Day, and Veterans Day just to name a few. Several commemorations of key battles of the Revolutionary War are celebrated as well, and we participate in patriotic events with other SAR chapters.

Memorial Day 2014

Pictured are members of the Williamsburg Chapter SAR at the Memorial Day ceremonies held annually at Colonial Williamsburg to honor those patriots who gave their lives during the Revolutionary War. During the ceremonies wreaths are laid at the graves behind the Govenor’s Palace, at Bruton Parish Church, and at the French Soldier’s cemetery near the Williamsburg Inn.

Monthly Chapter Luncheon Meetings

We get together almost each month out of the year to socialize with our fellow compatriots, listen to guest speakers, and address chapter activities. See the EVENTS page for more information.

National History

SAR National Symbol

NSSAR for over 100 years

The National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution was organized on April 30, 1889 -- the 100th anniversary of the inauguration of George Washington as our nation's first President. We have used the acronym SAR to identify ourselves for over 100 years.

Act of US Congress, June 9, 1906

The SAR was conceived as a fraternal and civic society composed of lineal descendants of the men who wintered at Valley Forge, signed the Declaration of Independence, fought in the battles of the American Revolution, served in the Continental Congress, or otherwise supported the cause of American Independence. The National Society was chartered by an Act of the United States Congress on June 9, 1906.

Chapter History

1969- Application of Charter at VASSAR Annual Meeting

Application for a 'Williamsburg Chapter' charter was made at the Virginia Society of the Sons of the American Revolution Annual meeting on February 22, 1969, in Richmond. VA. At that time the chapter had 11 members, 15 applicants processing papers and 23 prospects. Out of this small band of men has grown an active and viable 48 year old chapter of today with a membership strength of 150 active members.

Our Members' Patriotic Lineage

Our Members' Patriotic Lineage...continued

Our members' lineage to the American Revolution is vast and varied. Click on the family icon to learn the names of our chapter's patriot ancestors and their specific revolutionary war service.

Locations of Interest

Several key historical sites within the Williamsburg Chapter's area are especially meaningful to the SAR. We have compiled short descriptions, photos and noted SAR activities at each location. Click on the links below to learn more about each location.

Image of Battle of Green Spring Historical Marker in front of Freedom Park Visitor Center

Pictured: Historical marker detailing the Engagement at Spencer's Ordinary (June 26, 1781) along the right side of the walkway leading to the the Freedom Park Interpretive Center.