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Right Bank of the Potomac

The following information was obtained from our chapter members' biographical data submissions and NASSAR records. The specific SAR member associated with each patriot is available upon request from the chapter registrar. Quickly search our patriot list using the following last name shorcuts:

Last Updated 12.2018

[ A-B ] Patriot

Revolutionary War Service

ABEL, Jacob Signed Oath of Allegiance, Northampton Co. PA
ALBEE, JohnLexington Alarm, Captain MA
ALBRECHT, John Pvt, Northampton Co. PA Militia
ALLEN, ChristopherSoldier, Connecticut
ARMSTRONG, James F.Pvt. NJ & Chaplain MD
BALTZLY, JohnPrivate, PA Militia
BARKER, Dr. AmbrosePublic Service
BARRY, AndrewCaptain, South Carolina, Spartanburg Regt, Cowpens
BASKETT, JamesFurnished Supplies, North Carolina
BATTLE, William SumnerPrivate, Georgia Militia
BAUGH, WilliamPrivate, NC Militia & Civil Service
BEIGHLEY, ConradPrivate, Pennsylvania, Continental Line
BELL, ThomasPrivate, North Carolina Militia
BEYDLER, AdbrahamPrivate, Virginia Militia
BIDWELL, JohnCaptain, Pennsylvania Militia
BISSELL, JosephPrivate, Connecticut Regiment
BLAKE, IshamVirginia Fifer with LaFayette, Brandywine & Yorktown
BLAUVELT, Thomas Lt, Orange Co, NY
BLISS, NathanSergeant,MA
BLODGETT, JamesEnsign, Massachusetts Militia & Continental Line
BOND, John
BRACE, AbleCaptain 18th Conneticut Militia
BROWN, Andrew Pvt, Georgia Militia
BROWN, Henry Pvt, Bedford Co. PA Militia
BRUGH, Daniel Paid Tax, PA
BRYSON, James HolmesProvided supplies; possible NC militia at Cowpens
BUCHER, JohnChaplain, Pennsylvania
BURNHAM, JohnCaptain, Connecticut, Prisoner
BUSH, SandersSoldier, NC

[ C-F ] Patriot

Revolutionary War Service

CALLAWAYColonel, Virginia
CAMPBELL, JohnSouth Carolina Militia
CAMPBELL, Whitaker1776-83, Lt VA militia, Recruiter
CAREY, SamuelPvt. Bucks Co., PA
CARY, RichardCommittee of Safety
CHESLEY, StephenLieutenant Colonel
CHILD, Hale Pvt, Rhode Island Militia
CHILTON, John VA officer
CHURCH, Amasa Soldier, CT regiment
CILLEY, CuttingCaptain, defense of New Hampshire and Maine harbors
CLEAVER, WilliamBuilder of Fort of Point Pleasant
COX, Abraham 2LT, Washington Co. VA Militia
CRAIG Sr., Thomas Jr.Soldier, VA Regt, Valley Forge
CRAMER, AdamPvt. York Co., PA
CREAGH, John Doorkeeper for the '76 & '77 Revolutionary Conventions and Williamsburg Barracks Master 1778
CROMARTIE, William NC Militia
DALRYMPLE, ArchibaldSoldier, NC Militia
DAVENPORT, JamesOrderly sergeant MA Militia, Valley Forge, Yorktown
DAVIDSON, WilliamMajor, North Carolina Militia
DAVIS, John B. Minuteman, Sanford, Maine
DIEVENDORF, Jacob Lieutenant, NY Militia
DOUGLAS, ThomasFurnish Supplies, Virginia
DUKE, Hardin BurnleySergeant, Virginia Continental Line
DURST, Peter Pvt, Berks Co. PA Militia
EMMONS, Arthur Furnished Supplies, Litchfield, CT
ESKRIDGE, GeorgeVirginia, Lieutenant Cowpens & Yorktown
FAUST, PhillipBerks County, Pennsylvania, signed Oath of Allegiance
FOCHT, GeorgePrivate, PA Line
FRANCE, Johannis NY soldier
FUNK, JohnPvt PA Line

[ G-K ] Patriot

Revolutionary War Service

GARDNER, LewisCapt-Colonel with Georgia Militia; Florida expedition
GILL, JonesPrivate, Virginia, Charles City CH & Yorktown
GILL, WilliamPrivate, Virginia & North Carolina Regts, at Yorktown
GLENN, James Patriotic Service
GOODWIN, John Public Service, NC
GORE, Obadiah
GRANDSTAFF, George Soldier, 12th VA Regiment
GREENWOOD, MosesSoldier, Massachusetts
GUNNELL, JonathanPrivate, Virginia, Continental Light Dragoons
HARRISON V, BenjaminSigner of Declaration of Independence -VA
HASBROUCK, JacobusLieutenant, NY Ulster Co Militia
HAYWARD, JesseSoldier, Massachusetts
HEYWARD Jr., ThomasSigner of Declaration of Independence- SC
HAYDEN, ThomasPrivate, Conneticut Light Horse Regt
HENRICKSON, Cornelius NJ militia
HESS, Peter Pvt, York Co. PA Militia
HOCKADAY, JohnColonel, Virginia 6th and 2d Regiments
HOGG, Richard Sr. Lieutenant, Virginia Militia
HODNETT, BenjaminPrivate, Cumberland County, Virginia Militia
HOLLAND, RobertCaptain, Virginia Militia
HOLT, JerimiahFurnished supplies, NC
HOUGH, BenjaminFurnished supplies, VA
JEROME, AsahelPrivate, Connecticut Militia
KALBACH, AdamPvt. Berks Co., PA
KAVANAUGH, CharlesPublic Service, Virginia
KAVANAUGH, WilliamSoldier, Virginia
KEATLEY, Christopher Pvt, PA Militia
KELLER, Dr. GeorgeVirginia, Rendered Material Aid
KEMPER, JohnFurnished supplies to Army at Fauquier County, Virginia
KENDALL, SamuelFurnished supplies, VA
KIMMELL, Adam Lieutenant PA Regt, KIA
KNAPP, JesseMA Soldier

[ L-M ] Patriot

Revolutionary War Service

LAWSON, Andrew T.Soldier, Georgia Militia
LAWSON, RogerPublic Service, GA
LEE, StephenFurnished supplies, Virginia
LIVINGSTON, Wm. SColonel, NY Militia
LOTT, JeremiahPrivate, Bucks County, Pennsylvania Militia
LOVE, John LCol, Harford Co. MD Militia
MARRIOTT, ElizabethFurnished supplies, VA
MARRIOTT, ThomasFurnished supplies, VA
MARSHALL III, DavidLieutenant, CT, in First Militia (Trainband) Regiment
MASON, GeorgeStatesman, Virginia Delegate
MCKENZIE, MosesDrummer boy, MD
MCKINSTRY, AlexanderPrivate, 8th Bn Cumberland Militia & Frontier Rangers
MEARKLE, PeterPennsylvania Militia soldier
MELI, Jacob
MELICK, JohnSergeant, New Jersey Militia
MOBERLY, BenjaminCivil Service, South Carolina
MOBERLY, JohnPrivate, South Carolina
MOHN, Conrad Pvt, Berks Co. PA Militia
MONROE, RosbothamPrivate, MA
MORGAN, ESTER Furnished Supplies
MORGAN, Zackquill Sgt, PA Militia
MORR, John GeorgePrivate, Pennsylvania militia at Brandywine
MORSE JamesPublic Service, Selectman MA
MOSS, TitusEnsign, CT militia
MOULTON, ElijahEnsign, MA, responded to Paul Revere alarm
MOULTON, FreebornCaptain, MA, responded to Paul Revere alarm

[ N-Q ] Patriot

Revolutionary War Service

NASON, CalebPrivate, Maine Regiment of Guards
NESTLERODE, ChristianPrivate, Lancaster, Pennsylvania Militia
NESTLERODE, Johan CSSPrivate, Lancaster, Pennsylvania Militia
NEVILLE, JessePatriotic Service, North Carolina
NEWKIRK, JohnCapt, NY Militia
NORMAN, WilliamPvt, VA Line
NORRIS, AquilaCaptain, Maryland Militia
ODER, Joseph Pvt, Prince William Co. VA Militia
OLDHAM, John Captain, North Caroline Militia
OTIS, Edward CT continental line
PARMENTER JedediahPrivate, MA
PERLEY, AaronSoldier, Massachusetts
POLK, ThomasColonel & General, 4th NC Regiment, at Valley Forge
POLK, WilliamColonel, 9th & 4th NC Regts, Guilford CH, Valley Forge
POOR, ThomasFurnished supplies, VA
PRICE, Richard Soldier, VA Militia

[ R-S ] Patriot

Revolutionary War Service

RICE, HezekiahCaptain, North Carolina Militia
ROBERTS Jr., Joseph Pvt, MA Militia
ROBERTSON, AthanatiousPublic Service, North Carolina
ROCKWELL, JeremiahPvt-Sgt MA
ROCKWELL Jr., TimothySgt-Lt, Massachusetts
ROCKWOOD, Timothy SrPublic Service, MA
ROHRBACH, Lorenz Pvt, Berks Co. PA Militia
ROY, BeverlyCaptain
RUCKER, Benjamin CAPT, Amherst Co. VA Militia
RUCKMAN, JohnSoldier, New Jersey Militia
RUTHERFORD, Robert Captain, Virginia Militia
SABIN, Elijah Pvt, NY Militia
SATTERWHITE, ThomasColonel, North Carolina
SCHOONMAKER, Fred Jr.Lieutenant, NY Ulster Co Militia
SCOTT, DavidEnsign/Captain York County Pennsylvania militia
SCOTT, JosephPvt, VA
SEBRING Jr., Richard1777-1783 PA Infantry, wounded
SEXTON, Timothy Soldier, NJ infantry
SHAFFER, JohnCaptain, PA
SHELTON JR, WilliamPublic Service, Virginia
SHIDELER, PeterWashington County, Pennsylvania Militia
SHOEMAKER, Michael Pvt, German Regiment, MD
SKIDMORE, JohnMajor, Virginia Militia
SMITH, HenrySpy/Soldier, Pennsylvania
SLADE, JamesSergeant, CT
SMART Jr., William Public Service, NC
SNAPP, LorentzVirginia, Rendered Material Aid
SNYDER, AndrewPrivate, NY Ulster Co Militia
SNYDER, ChristopherSergeant, New York Militia
SNYDER, John LT, York Co. PA Militia
SPENCE, MosesPatriotic Service, Georgia
SOWASH, HenryPrivate, Pennsylvania Militia; took Oath of Allegiance
STERRETT, James Pvt, PA Militia
STEWART, JohnFurnished Supplies, VA
STICKLEY, JacobVirginia, Soldier in Machir's Company
STONE, JosiahPrivate, Militia, MA
SWAIN, HezikiahPrivate, New Hampshire Reg't

[ T-Z ] Patriot

Revolutionary War Service

TAILBIRD, ThomasMassachusetts Minuteman
TANDY Sr., Henry Furnished Supplies, VA
TARLETON II, Elias Signed the New Hampshire Association Test
TAYLOR, Joseph Councilman/patriotic service
TELFORD, AlexanderThree enlistments, Virginia Line
TENANT III, William South Carolina House of Representatives & 2nd Provincial Congress
TILSON, IchabodDrummer, Massachusetts Militia
TREADWELL, NathanielPrivate, Lexington & Concord/ Capt 3d Essex MA Regt
TRUSLOW, BenjaminCaptain, Virginia Militia, Col. Baylor's Regt
UTT, Elias Soldier, PA
VAIL Jr, Benjamin
VAN DUYNE, JacobusOath of Allegiance, NJ
VAN HORNE, ThomasLieutenant, NY militia
VAN NESS, SimonWashington Body Guard member, New York
VOSBURGH, Abrahamsoldier, Ulster Militia, New York
WADE, Hezekiah Pvt & Spy, VA & PA Militias
WARD, Benjamin Soldier, PA militia
WASHINGTON, TOMFurnished Supplies, VA
WATTEN Jr., William
WEAVER, RufusPrivate/Public Service, Vermont
WENTWORTH, JohnPrivate, CT Militia
WENRICH, MathiasPvt-Sgt, Berks Co, PA Militia
WENRICH III, MathiasPvt. Berks Co., PA
WOODS, SusannahPublic Service, Virginia
WOODS, WilliamPublic Service, Virginia
YANCEY, Mary Furnished Supplies, VA
YULE, James1775-83 Ensign MD