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Our organization is part of a national society that strives to remember and honor the patriots who sought our nation's independence during the Revolutionary War.

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Latest News

Color Guard Service Medals Awarded

Members of the Williamsburg Chapter SAR Color Guard were awarded service medals at the chapter’s March 2015 luncheon. The medals were funded by a memorial contribution from Mrs. Betty Rowland in memory of her late husband, Chester Rowland, who was a member of the chapter. Mrs. Rowland was an also honored as a special guest at the luncheon.

2015 Color Guard

Pictured left to right above are Color Guard members R Warren Deal, Jim Henry, Bob Schmidt, Tom Morr, and Norm Fuss.

Latest News

SAR Commonwealth Certificate Awarded

Mitchell Reiss with Don Swain

Mitchell B. Reiss and Colonial Williamsburg were presented with the SAR Commonwealth Certificate by the Williamsburg Chapter of SAR President, Don Swain, for Colonial Williamsburg’s valued assistance with Sons of the American Revolution ceremonies at Colonial Williamsburg, including Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Veterans Day. Previously Mr. Reiss was President of Washington College a former professor at William & Mary, and envoy to Northern Ireland, with diplomatic rank of Ambassador.